Virtualization Solutions

From strategy to implementation to optimization, our virtualization solutions helps you get up and running fast, minimize risk, and delivers the business outcome you expect from your investments. We brings our deep experience to facilitate your evolution from legacy to emerging technology solutions giving you an edge in today’s complex digital world.

Virtualization: Is it right for my business,

It does not matter your business is how big or small as much as your business process require to have servers Virtualization can benefit.


Does virtualization make sense for my business,

In order to run your big or small business you need few number of servers / Application Server / Active Directory Server / File Server / Antivirus Server. In traditional way you have to buy server hardware for each one.  But with virtualization only one hardware is enough.

What will happen with traditional server if single server hardware is down. Even single store down time of a billing software will stop revenue. Restore with another hardware in traditional server setup it is impossible.

VMware Virtualization is the solution virtualized your server even no hardware dependency restores operations with any other hardware and if you have multiple server hardware you will not feel downtime even your one server hardware stops working.

Etisaq’s industry certified engineers are very well experienced to provide virtualization solutions from industry leading virtualization technology vendors. It does not matter how your business size is. Etisaq engineers are well capable to scale the solutions with business demands. Etisaq Technologies delivers scalable Virtualization solutions to grow with your business with added value and lower  Total Cost of Ownership - TCO.