Data & Platform Back Up solutions

Our single solution for back up databases, files, applications, endpoints, VM’s as well as replications ensures minimum recovery time using specific transaction level recovery for MS SQL server and ORACLE DBs. Etisaq provides SMEs to large enterprises powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup and availability solutions. Etisaq expertise will mitigate the risk of loss of your company’s data and improve the business continuity with improved backup and without hardware dependency backup or recovery process.


Solutions are partnered with industry leaders Microsoft, VMware & VEEM.

  • No additional backup testing is required because back up recovery test is carried out automatically.
  • Transaction level or file level recovery from your database
  • Recover lost data from your backup quickly and easily with minimum effort
  • No backup agents required to install your servers
  • Minimum effort for disaster recovery
  • Open for traditional backup transfers such as back to tape or disks

All our backup solutions offer low TCO and add value to your business.